It’s A Riverz Gurl Wurl!

Indeed it is! All about the fashion, trends, writing, blogging and just trying to enjoy life and live it at it’s fullest. With experiencing trials and tribulations and just a bunch of distractions, I can honestly say right now that I’m in a different place…..or am I? LOL. With owning two magazines, interviewing people from all around the world and doing a lot media stuff, it was stressful! I just stopped collaborating with a lot of publicists because number one, I wasn’t getting paid! I understand that a lot of publicists don’t pay to have their client featured in magazines or any other media outlets, but they don’t understand that we as bloggers and journalists work extremely hard for what we do! I don’t have time to offer free services anymore! So the last couple of months I haven’t been writing or interviewing people. The magazines I was writing for, I no longer write for them except for one where I’m getting paid as the assistant editor. With that, I’m sure I will keep busy and also with my program I started online. My health and self-care is very important and I don’t want to do things that isn’t living up to my goals in life or that isn’t paying me. My worth speaks volume and I want people to honor and respect that!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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