Getting it Right

Life sometimes have cycles that we find ourselves getting into more often than we would like to. And then you ask yourself “When will these cycles actually stop?” In our mind we store thoughts, scenarios, frustration, anger, feelings, and etc. For instance, if you are dealing with someone you care about more than you should have and you are trying to figure and sort out all these thoughts and feelings because they aren’t feeling you on the same level you are feeling them, its frustrating! I know this type of pain first hand because you didn’t plan for it to happen the way it did, but it did!

Then arguments and words are exchanged that you can’t take back and you are left feeling terrible and helpless because yet again you spazzed out based on feelings you are trying to control. It’s hard at times to break those cycles and yes it’s going to take time. I still go through things that I can and can’t control on my end. Self-control is where it’s at, but a lot of us haven’t mastered it yet! Don’t sweat it, because we all know what we do and how it makes us feel in the end. So just like the quote states, “We will all get it right one day!”

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