Hurting Pain Equals Growing Pain

There are so many types of hurt in the world that people don’t realize. But the question is “How do you handle the hurt and the pain?” Everyone handles pain differently and however it is handled, it is a learned behavior. Some people like myself writes their pain and hurt and turns them into poetry. Whatever works for you, make it a habit. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable at times that it causes destruction in our lives. Let me ask you another question. “Do you wear your pain on your sleeves?” “Can people see hurt between your eyes and by the way you talk?” If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe it is time to find a different way to handle your emotions a little bit better.

“Hurt lasts for a temporary time in your life, but peace will always find a place in your heart”

~Listening to your favorite playlists

~Binge-watching Netflix or Hulu

~Taking naps

These are some things that can be done when feeling hurt, depressed, stressed, and etc. The one thing that can’t hold us down for long is being hurt! This is only a temporary time in your life until you are back up chasing your dreams and completing goals. Nothing is permanent so never allow your emotions or pain take over your life! It’s called growing pain for a reason because every hurt/pain turns into a growing stimulation to remind you that you won’t be down forever, but will grow with ever fall.

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