Journaling From the Heart, Get Write to It!

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Don’t be afraid of the pen and notebook! Journaling can be for everyone because we all have thoughts floating around in our head. Currently I am thinking “How can I move my brand in the upcoming year?” I always look for ways that I can improve my brand of writing and services and how to make money! I think if you have a business or a brand, you can actually relate. You don’t need a fancy notebook or pen just to put words to paper, even though some people prefer to buy a special journal to motivate their writing. When I was younger I always kept a diary. Til’ this day I still have those diaries and have read it months ago to see what I was talking about! LOL. It was actually funny to me to see what I was writing on those pages. Then in high school I really had a niche of keeping a journal. I made it a habit to write an entry every night.

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There are different types of journaling and they can all help with stressful events, depression and anxiety. It’s a tool we should all look into if we haven’t already done so. I think another way to make journaling fun is to get some color pens or pencils or doodle on the pages you write on. Honesty I found the passion to get back into journaling after seeing a post on Instagram from someone I follow and she teaches and shares insight about journaling. Sometimes we all need that extra boost, that motivation to get back into something we once enjoyed doing.

Keep the thoughts rolling and the pen writing. Even if you don’t feel motivated by journaling everyday, write down thoughts when you are in mood. Even it it is a few words or lines in your notebook, consider that a successful!

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2 thoughts on “Journaling From the Heart, Get Write to It!

  1. Great encouragement here. A lot of people don’t realise that even a few sentences counts as journalling. Most quit because they think they have to write at least a page for it to be worthwhile. I myself think I’ve stuck to daily journalling for years because I allow myself to write just one sentence. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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