Thoughts on a Horizon

Our mind is never blank because there is always something we are always thinking every second; every minute of the day. Have you ever went to bed with a lot of stuff on your mind? No need to feel ashamed because I for one do it all the time. It could be small thoughts like what to buy on Amazon or not feeling like working the next day. There’s more of course because I’m always in the zone with my thoughts! LOL. I wrote a post yesterday about journaling from the heart. After seeing posts from one of my followers that is a journal heaux, I was in deep thought about getting back to journaling. As a person who deals with depression and anxiety, that is an outlet for me to release stress, emotional thoughts and other things on my mind that seems to wander around. I took a long break from writing and blogging in general because honestly I was stressed! As a freelance writer for over 15 years and not getting really paid for what I do, it was starting to weigh me down especially interviewing various of people for the magazines I used to write for. I felt like I was just doing it as a hobby, but in reality I treat writing as a career! A lot of publications didn’t want to pay and it was just sucking the life out of me honestly.

Taking this break from writing was much needed. It gave me time to focus on myself and not become so stressed out everyday. Besides freelance writing, I had a podcast and did live interviews as well! I was doing too much and my body was shutting down a little. When I emailed the publicists that I was collaborating with that I was now charging to interview their clients, they didn’t want to pay! That is why it is very important to research your clientele and hope they understand that what you do as a brand or a business owner. Easing back into blogging has helped me ease back into the passion of writing. I never lost sight of writing, but mentally I was drained. I just needed that space and time away from those people who wanted their clients interviewed to focus on what my brand means to me and what I want others to view my brand as. As you can see all of these thoughts were racing through my mind. Writing thoughts down can really help you figure things out and to pretty much organize things (in your head)

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