Tis The Season to be Blogging!

The holidays are officially here! Bloggers and writers have a lot of different opportunities to let their creativity shine! What is your favorite part of Christmas? As for me, I love the Christmas music and lights! My mom loves to decorate the house with lights and other decorations every year. She puts them up super early before Halloween because of her busy work schedule. Whatever your favorite thing is about the holidays, use that passion to put that into a blog post! Waalaaa!!! Blogging isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here are some blog ideas as you prepare your heart, mind and pen for the holidays!

  1. Planning a holiday party with close family and friends
  2. 10 Top Holiday songs you should have in your playlist for Christmas
  3. Holiday Gift Ideas under 10
  4. Creating Christmas cards from scratch
  5. Your favorite part of Christmas (writing a short post on what you love most about the holidays)
  6. List things that you are grateful for during the holidays
  7. Top movies you enjoy watching during Christmas

Whatever ideas you come up with for the ideas to blog/write about make it happen! Allow your creative juices to flow and type/write whatever comes to mind. You got this! Tap into your creative hat and pull out some new ideas. You don’t have to be the perfect blogger/writer to get your ideas on paper or on your computer. Happy Holidays!

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