What’s Your Mental Health Looking Like?

How are you doing with your mental health? That’s a question that sometimes it may require you to think and meditate on for a moment. For me, my mental health is making sure I don’t have that much distractions built up in my space so that I can focus on my purpose and what I’m suppose to be doing in life. Right now, I have recently started meditating before I go to bed. I used to go to bed real late and would always be tired in the morning feeling sluggish and dragging. That is the worst feeling ever! Because I don’t have a full-time work schedule yet, the days that I don’t work, I get up late depending on how I feel. Watching television late nights has done some damage to my sleep patterns and getting up in the morning is a struggle! Some of you can relate and indeed it’s a habit to shake off if you aren’t use to going to bed at a certain time.

Mental health is what keeps us going; to stay sane and to remain at peace. Everyone handles their mental health differently, but whatever routines you got going on, stick to it! I am still trying to figure out my mental health routine. The first step I’m taking is going to bed at a better time. Waking up feeling refreshed in the morning is the best feeling ever! Working two jobs, that really does help to shut everything down and just go to bed!

Learn to please yourself first before you learn to please yourself! When you get home from work, turn off work mode and get into relaxation mode. That means take a seat in your favorite chair or recliner, unwind with some good music or a glass of wine for about an hour and just exhale everything that was/is stressful. Whatever you do, make sure your mental health is always on point. If not, step back and reevaluate what you are or aren’t doing and get back in line with it.

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