Getting Into the Swing of Things!

Your alarm goes off and you put it on snooze for 15 more minutes. Yesterday’s meeting with co-workers didn’t go as planned and you just found out your boyfriend/girlfriend wants space. Your mood today isn’t the best and you just feel like laying in bed forever. Does that sound familiar? Have you struggled with getting up in the morning sometimes? I think all of us have experienced this a couple times in our life. I’m not going to lie. I experience this often I might say. How do you handle the difficulties of life or from the world? When you don’t feel like being bothered and you want to keep to yourself that whole day, it messes with your mind and your mood.

A lot of mood swings can encounter through ‘triggered’ moments or situations such as stress, dealing with a difficult situation or depression/anxiety. So many people in the world go through different emotions that it can effect someone physically as well as emotionally. If you are dealing with a mental illness like me, you often question whether your day will be good, bad or neutral. Most of my moods are neutral to be honest. I can be fine one moment and irritated the next. Dealing with people socially can be hard for me because of my level of irritation with some people and sometimes with my mood swings. I’m not a very sociable person anyways-an introvert that enjoys her own company at times. Here are some other triggers for rapid mood swings or just mood swings in general.

  • Mental Illness
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Hardships
  • Stress
  • Your Diet
  • Medications

If you are experiencing mood swings, look at some of the triggers to see if you have some of these. A great way to try and get a hold on mood swings is to first get into a healthy space and what I mean by that is turn off all your problems, go to a safe space with no distractions and just relax! Taking some time away from stress or certain situations is good for your mind. Tap into a creative outlet and do whatever it is your normally do for stress-reduction. Ask yourself this question. “Does your mood swings affect you medically?” If it doesn’t, you may can try different things to control your mood swings if they aren’t too bad. Try these simple things to add to your normal schedule.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep a schedule of your daily routine
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Create a healthy diet
  • Express yourself
  • Talk with someone
  • Practice relaxation tips

Resource tips can be found at

Mood swings are very common and can be controlled with precaution. How often are you experiencing mood swings? Is it once a week? Twice a week? Or is it everyday? Remember if your mood swings occur too often, seek medical attention from your doctor to see what other options they can provide you.

“Take care of you because no one else will!

That Riverz Gurl

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