At First You Don’t Succeed. Dust Yourself Off and Try Again!

Aaliyah’s “Try Again” song popped in my mind when I was typing in the title. This is like a grand motto for a lot of us because so many times we try new things, new challenges over and over again and sometimes don’t succeed at them. That’s why in Aaliyah’s lyrics she states you got to dust yourself off and try again! In other words, don’t give up! When you fail at tasks, business plans or any other goal you are trying to reach, you have to get back up and try it again! Maybe you have to try different ways to get things done or a new approach. I can tell you many times where I wanted to give up so many times. Even when putting out my first book in 2012 called “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation” I was excited that my first book was published, but I didn’t know the challenges that I had to face to get people to notice who I was and that I was a new author. I faced so many downfalls and challenges that I wanted to give up right then from being an author. No one payed my book any mind and I thought promoting a book would be easy, but I learned the hard way with the emotional and mental distress.

I can honestly tell you that I wanted to give up on life and writing over ten times! And you are probably wondering how am I still standing after wanting to give up that many of times. The answer is I try to remain positive about it and cut out the distractions and things in my life that wasn’t important anymore. I used to interview a lot of people and collaborate with a lot of publicists and it was hard work. As a freelance writer for over fifteen years, I never once got paid and was doing all of this work for FREE! No publicist I was working with offered to pay me or didn’t want to pay me. They didn’t realized that I am offering a service to and that it’s time and worth! My worth is way more important to be doing all this free crap! So i made the decision last year that I would stop collaborating with these publicists and writing for these magazines. It took a lot of stress off of me and because I was taking a long break from writing, I was able to relax a little bit. When I created this lifestyle blog in January, I wanted to start fresh with new content and focus more on content writing and content creations with visuals.

Photo Credit by marekuliasz/ Shutterstock

Now with my new focus of what my priorities are and what’s important to me personally, I can start to focus on those things. I’ve written nine books in total and I was working on my new children’s book for my book series, but after taking a break last year, I may go back to working on it this year or I may not. I want to go back to where I started from when I was nine and that was writing short stories. That’s what I want to focus on this year as well besides my blogging and content creation. Whatever you do in life, continue to work hard at it whether it’s a new business venture, writing a book, achieving a goal, starting a podcast, etc., just don’t give up. Dust yourself off and try again!

3 thoughts on “At First You Don’t Succeed. Dust Yourself Off and Try Again!

  1. Lol I grew up in the 90s, so thanks for that earworm. But what’s more important is your inspiring story, which is awesome that you shared. Thanks so much for the boost you’ve given me, and probably will give to your other readers too!


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