How To Start a Blog: For Beginners

Blogging has been around for centuries and its becoming more popular with new businesses being birthed and, since the pandemic, a lot of people have created other business ventures for themselves to keep on the grind. There are two types of bloggers: bloggers who blog as a hobby and passion and bloggers who are full-time making money. I remember the first time I created my very first blog. It was on a platform called Blogger through Google. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember the name of my blog and what it was about. LOL. I’m always writing something inspirational and empowering, so it wasn’t all that bad. I consider myself computer savvy where self-taught is my favorite word. Then I had another blog on WordPress. This blog platform was easy for me to use and I absolutely loved it! My second blog had something to do with my poetry. I think I created a lot of blogs years and years ago and just never kept it up. LOL.

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But let’s get to the good part of this post because if you are a new blogger or you are interested in learning how to start your own blog, keep reading this post. The world is filled with all sorts of great ideas for topics to write on as well as on television. You, the creator just have to know how to interpret those ideas into your writing task. I knew I was born to write at an early age of nine because I was always writing short stories in class and even at home. Blogging and writing poetry was just another type of writing I was good at. There was nothing more than sitting down and jotting down my ideas or writing a brand new short story based off my vivid imagination. Ever thought about taking a small notebook with you everywhere you go? If not, I think the time is now to start doing so, so you can jot down some good creative ideas to blog on. Get your pen and paper or notebook out because I am about to take you to class on how to start your very own blog!

Six Steps for Starting your own Blog:

  • Know what you want to blog about– This is the first step period whether you want to write a blog post or to start a blog. You have to know what you want to talk and blog about. When I started my earlier blogs, I had a niche to blog on things inspirational and uplifting. So each blog post was about that. For example, if you like talking about food, your blog posts should be food reviews, blogging about a recipe; if you are a chef or you cook at home, you can do a lot of how-to posts on how to cook a certain food. This will help those who follow you or subscribe to your blog see the creativity of your posts. So make sure you know exactly what you want to blog on. It can also be more than one topic, but my suggestion is to keep the topics to at least three maximum.
  • Write down at least three topics to talk about– Again, this is another important step to save you some time when it comes to writing your post weekly or however many times you want to create posts.
  • Choose your blogging platform– This step is important because there are a lot of different blogging platforms out there, so when you are doing your research and comparisons of platforms, keep in mind that you want to choose something that’s easy for you to use. I suggest starting out with a free website first if you are brand new to blogging. Take a look at these blogging platforms and you can determine which one will work best for you.

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Weebly

There are several other blog platforms, but these are the top ones of 2022.

  • You are ready to write your first blog post! Researching your platform may take a week or more , so don’t feel like you have to rush the process. When choosing your platform you are looking for these things: Safety and Security, Customization, Budget and Monetizing the blog. Once you have found the platform that will work well for you, the new thing to do is create your first post. If you don’t want to type the post on the computer yet, feel free to draft it out on paper then type it up later.
  • Publish and you’re done! You can schedule your post to whenever you want it to publish or save it in the drafts. Once you hit publish, get ready for the world to read your first post! Simple huh? This is just an outline of what to do when setting up a blog and writing a post, but there is more things within creating blog posts and I will talk about that on the next blog post.
  • Consistency is key! You want to make sure that you are blogging at least once a week. Once you get into the swing of blogging, it will become natural to you on when to blog and what days of the week works best for you.

Now that you have the important steps needed to set up your blog, you will also need to understand the fundamentals of what goes into an actual blog post but we will get into that next time. Feel free to comment your thoughts and experience from being a blogger in the comment section. Hope you enjoyed this week’s post! Have a great day!

“Don’t allow the fear of writing hold you back from creating your own wurl!”

That Riverz Gurl

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