How to De-Stress Your Life with these 5 Tips

April is National Stress Awareness month. As we have been celebrating and educating communities all over about the different types of stress and what are some of the symptoms leading to stress, it is vital to learn ways that you can de-stress things in your life that doesn’t belong. I remember years ago maybe starting in 2013 I was so stressed out! It didn’t make any sense to be honest. You want to know what I was stressed about? Mainly I published my first book back in 2012 and I automatically thought people were going to purchase my book off hand. Well that wasn’t the case and I was very disappointed that my book wasn’t getting the attention that it deserved. It’s a book of poetry and very inspirational. Til this day, that book is touching a lot of people. I was stressing myself about something I couldn’t control, but it still got under my skin. I allowed the small things that I couldn’t control get the best of me; and not only that I hurt a lot of people along the way to the point they became my enemies. My stress over the years led to depression and that’s a place where I don’t want to revisit where I can’t get out of bed nor eat anything. My body was going downhill at that point.

With all that said, here are five different tips that you can use in your daily lifestyle routine to de-stress in your everyday life.

  • Stay away from toxic situations/people- Don’t you hate when co-workers, friends or random people start to rant on about their toxic situations or problems? Try not to entertain them because the longer you entertain them, they will keep coming back to you. Being in a toxic environment is unhealthy and can rub off on you if you aren’t careful.
  • Take a step back from everything- That means from work, projects, your children, husband, wife, friends, family, and anything else. When you step back from everything, you are resetting your mind and entering relaxation mode. You deserve it and you need it!
  • Exercise- That may be a hard for some people (including myself) but when you are starting to feel burnt out or stressed, exercising would be ideal. Create a playlist for just working out and start a whole new journey to a stress-free life.
  • Go to bed a little earlier- Sleep is too important to skimp on. Do you normally watch television while in bed? I do that all the time and for me personally, it doesn’t help with my sleep. The last two days I have been going to bed at 8:30, but I still had the television on, but I fell asleep and woke up at 10:20 to turn the TV. off. Today I feel refreshed so far. Maybe you should try changing up your sleep time and just go to bed a little bit earlier.
  • Focus on a hobby- What hobbies do you enjoy doing from time to time? Mine is making jewelry and writing from time to time. Whatever you enjoy doing, do just that the next time you are starting to feel burnt out or stressed. It’s not good to hold that in and later on explode. You have got to step away from it into something fun and refreshing.

So now you have five great tips that you can use to de-stress: Staying away from toxic people and situations, taking a step back from everything just to breathe, exercise, preparing for better sleep, and trying a new hobby if you don’t have one already and if you do, go to that happy place of passion. There are a lot of other tips you can do to de-stress, but I wanted to narrow it down to the ones I thought was right for this post. The more we practice taking care of our mind, body, and soul, the better. You will start to feel refreshed and a lot better. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought about the post for this week. I would love to hear your tips as well on how you deal with stress in your life. Until next time, have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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