When it’s Time for a Fresh Start

You have been stressing and worrying about a particular situation for weeks now, your back and neck starts to hurt, you grow more tired by the hour, your energy level is low, and you don't even feel like doing anything. It may be a great time in your life for a fresh start. The best … Continue reading When it’s Time for a Fresh Start

Hurting Pain Equals Growing Pain

There are so many types of hurt in the world that people don't realize. But the question is "How do you handle the hurt and the pain?" Everyone handles pain differently and however it is handled, it is a learned behavior. Some people like myself writes their pain and hurt and turns them into poetry. … Continue reading Hurting Pain Equals Growing Pain

Getting it Right

Life sometimes have cycles that we find ourselves getting into more often than we would like to. And then you ask yourself "When will these cycles actually stop?" In our mind we store thoughts, scenarios, frustration, anger, feelings, and etc. For instance, if you are dealing with someone you care about more than you should … Continue reading Getting it Right

It’s A Riverz Gurl Wurl!

Indeed it is! All about the fashion, trends, writing, blogging and just trying to enjoy life and live it at it's fullest. With experiencing trials and tribulations and just a bunch of distractions, I can honestly say right now that I'm in a different place.....or am I? LOL. With owning two magazines, interviewing people from … Continue reading It’s A Riverz Gurl Wurl!