Squish! Squish Stress

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQYxhkocCtE&t=66s Hey, I hope you all enjoy this week's blog post which I decided to create a short video about handling stress and some ways to handle when you feel stressful or irritate. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to subscribe and follow my YouTube channel for videos.

Don’t Suffer in Silence Anymore!

The shocking news the former Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst fell to her death on January 30th and according to People Magazine, it was ruled as a suicide. The 30-year old who was also a lawyer and a correspondent with EXTRA shocked the world falling from a New York City building. Suicide is a delicate subject … Continue reading Don’t Suffer in Silence Anymore!

4 Self-Care Tips That’s Been Helping Me

Inhale! And exhale! Hold your breath in for five seconds and let it out nice and slow. Meditation and getting that good ole TLC in often is good for your mental health. There is no right or wrong way for improving your mental health because we are all doing what works for us the best. … Continue reading 4 Self-Care Tips That’s Been Helping Me

Tis The Season to be Blogging!

The holidays are officially here! Bloggers and writers have a lot of different opportunities to let their creativity shine! What is your favorite part of Christmas? As for me, I love the Christmas music and lights! My mom loves to decorate the house with lights and other decorations every year. She puts them up super … Continue reading Tis The Season to be Blogging!

Thoughts on a Horizon

Our mind is never blank because there is always something we are always thinking every second; every minute of the day. Have you ever went to bed with a lot of stuff on your mind? No need to feel ashamed because I for one do it all the time. It could be small thoughts like … Continue reading Thoughts on a Horizon

Hurting Pain Equals Growing Pain

There are so many types of hurt in the world that people don't realize. But the question is "How do you handle the hurt and the pain?" Everyone handles pain differently and however it is handled, it is a learned behavior. Some people like myself writes their pain and hurt and turns them into poetry. … Continue reading Hurting Pain Equals Growing Pain

Getting it Right

Life sometimes have cycles that we find ourselves getting into more often than we would like to. And then you ask yourself "When will these cycles actually stop?" In our mind we store thoughts, scenarios, frustration, anger, feelings, and etc. For instance, if you are dealing with someone you care about more than you should … Continue reading Getting it Right