Getting Into the Swing of Things!

Your alarm goes off and you put it on snooze for 15 more minutes. Yesterday's meeting with co-workers didn't go as planned and you just found out your boyfriend/girlfriend wants space. Your mood today isn't the best and you just feel like laying in bed forever. Does that sound familiar? Have you struggled with getting … Continue reading Getting Into the Swing of Things!

Children’s Book Author Educates on Sickle Cell Disease

★ Being an author has been a great accomplishment for me. I've written a total of nine books, but my primary focus are my two children's books I have written. What makes these books different is the fact it talks about a little girl that has Sickle Cell Disease. SCD isn't well advocated in some … Continue reading Children’s Book Author Educates on Sickle Cell Disease

Don’t Suffer in Silence Anymore!

The shocking news the former Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst fell to her death on January 30th and according to People Magazine, it was ruled as a suicide. The 30-year old who was also a lawyer and a correspondent with EXTRA shocked the world falling from a New York City building. Suicide is a delicate subject … Continue reading Don’t Suffer in Silence Anymore!

Hurting Pain Equals Growing Pain

There are so many types of hurt in the world that people don't realize. But the question is "How do you handle the hurt and the pain?" Everyone handles pain differently and however it is handled, it is a learned behavior. Some people like myself writes their pain and hurt and turns them into poetry. … Continue reading Hurting Pain Equals Growing Pain